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Dear Patients,

While it’s difficult to select which of our five senses is most important, we as eye-care specialists, of course, have an affinity for the gift of sight. Because of the eye’s complexity and delicate nature, it is susceptible to a host of maladies that require a deep understanding of ophthalmology, a specialized skill set and the need to implement the most current diagnostic and treatment methods. At Cano & Manning Eye Center, we want you to realize the importance of these issues in our daily practice of eye care.

The Cano & Manning Eye Center is a family owned practice whose mission is to preserve, restore, and enhance the gift of sight by providing the highest quality and personal care possible. We treat our patients and their families with compassion and strive to continually educate and improve ourselves in order to advance the standards of eye care.

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Drs. David Cano & Lauree Manning
Cano & Manning Eye Center

The History of Cano & Manning Eye Center:

  • 1949: Laurie R. Teasdale, M.D., founds the original practice.
  • 1952: Dr. Teasdale joins the Palm Beach Medical Group in August of 1952.
  • 1954: Dr. Teasdale retires and is replaced by John B. Nicholson, M.D.
  • 1971: Robert Nevins, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S., joins the group.
  • 1978: Dr. Nicholson retires after 24 years of service.
  • 1989: Dr. Nevins, Jr., withdraws from Palm Beach Medical Group.
  • 1990: Dr. Nevins, Jr., continues his own practice with his wife Joanna Nevins, R.N.
  • 1995 Dr. David Cano joins Dr. Charles Baker, MD to begin his practice of Ophthalmology in the Palm Beaches.
  • 1995 Dr. Lauree Manning becomes Chief of Ophthalmology at the new Veterans Hospital in Palm Beach Gardens.
  • 1997: David Cano, M.D., and Lauree Manning, M.D begin their own private practice together.
  • 1998: Dr. and Mrs. Nevins retire and the practice becomes Cano & Manning Eye Center.
  • 2014 Cano & Manning Eye Center acquire the practice of Dr. Louis Mark and the Gardens Eye Center in Palm Beach Gardens.
  • 2016 : Cano & Manning Eye Center continues the more-than-50-year tradition of providing high-quality personalized eye care to the Palm Beaches.