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Eyeglass Lenses that Meet Every Need

We know everyone leads a unique lifestyle, with their own schedule, visual requirements, and preferences. We at Cano & Manning Eye Center are proud to offer our customers Hoya lenses – cutting-edge lens coatings, tinted eyeglasses and sunglasses. These high quality lenses are not available everywhere and are only sold by Hoya Authorized providers, such as our eye care center in West Palm Beach, FL. Our optician will evaluate your unique needs and custom match you with the most suitable Hoya lenses.

Lens Coatings by Hoya

There is a range of anti-glare coatings that you can be apply to your eyeglasses lenses. This helps to reduce reflections and enhance your vision. Anti-glare coatings work by allowing more light to pass through the lenses and reach your eye. This will get rid of any blur and double images you might otherwise see when bothered by reflected light. A benefit of Hoya anti-glare coatings is that they form a smooth surface layer on your lenses.

HOYA - Authorized Dealer

Anti-Glare – Super HiVision EX3

Using Super Premium Anti-Reflective (AR) technologies, HOYA has created the most extreme AR products available.

Computer Lenses – Recharge EX3

Recharge reduces blue light transmitted from back-lit screen of digital devices. Perfect for patients who suffer from eye fatigue or Digital Eye Strain (DES).

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Coppertone Sun Lenses

Coppertone Lenses by VISION EASE offer premium eye protection, visual performance and comfort for your entire family. It is important to protect everyone's eyes, no matter the age. It is estimated that 23% of lifetime exposure to UV occurs by age 18, so it's important that parents teach children how to enjoy fun in the sun safely.